Kristy Victoria (oreithyia) wrote in pmdd,

Lupron and Estradiol

I've had really severe PMDD ever since I started menstruating, yet also have this horrible inability to tolerate any sort of Progesterones.
Any sort of contraceptive pill with progesterones in it makes me completely, utterly, suicidally depressed.

I go to a Reproductive Endocrinologist for treatment, and we have worked that treatment with Lupron and Estradiol add back therapy in small doses relieves just about all of my symptoms - I'm no longer hypoglycemic, unable to function to 14 days out of every month, and I'm just completely healthier in general. All over. It's really amazing.

However, I am having debate about the estrogen addback. I started at .0375 and that didn't quite seem like enough, went up to .05 and  now am back at the lower (i cut a small corner off my Vivelle Dot though) and I seem to have pretty good energy.

The difficulty lies in how to prevent uterine cancer while keeping me functioning. Right now, I have to suck it up and have a complete and utter mental breakdown (I take effexor on a regular basis and also add Prozac to my regimen around the time I have to take progestins) twice a year to induce a period so my uterine lining will shed. Also, it's extremely hard to lose weight (and I've gained like 20 lbs) while taking estrogen. At first, when I was taking lupron with no hormones, I was finally back down to my normal weight and felt great - until the end of the third month, where I started to get stressed out and unhappy.

Does anyone else have any experience with this? I'm fairly young but debating inquiring about a hysterectomy to prevent the ovarian cancer (there's no way I could tolerate a pregnancy when tiny levels of progesterone have put me in institutions twice already anyways).
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